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Photographing sunset at Kippford.


The process of coming forth, issuing from concealment, obscurity or confinement.

Oxford English Dictionary (1971)


Our perceptions have to be able to cope with the new. Everything is new to us at some stage. However, our perceptual systems, A model of the south coast of Icceland and an inset of the area seen from the air. The Comparator Hypothesis as a way of understanding perception. while busily seeking to accommodate the new, don't let on. This clandestine activity is exposed by research on visual illusions, but maybe more simply, although fleetingly, the picture above helps you detect these subconscious movements. Hopefully you had slight puzzlement before you comprehended the image. This move Circles of light around a figure. Perception needs already know, in order to come to know. from the unknown Looking at sunset towards the Lowther hills in southern Scotland. A page with a metaphor for this process of coming to know. to the known forms the bases Fox running on distant horizon. The liminal as the horizon where the unknown becomes the known. of all knowledge. The verbal umbrella, used for many processes that shelter this move into personal and public consciousness is 'emergence'. What could we see before the pump came out of concealment?

Just south of Quan Hóa, in Thanh Hóa Province, northern Vietnam, the main road crosses the River Mã on the Na Sài Bridge - delightfully in Vietnam bridges have names. Looking down from the bridge, to the river bank below, this was the view. Maybe a green pipe catches one's eye, and leads towards the water which the clouds make obscure - looking closer shows the chair on which sits a pump.

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Saturday 1st June 2019

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