Hoàn Kiếm Lake at Night

The Hoc Bridge and Ngoc Son Entrance. Looking across Hoàn Kiếm Lake at night towards the Thê Húc Bridge, and the entrance gate to the Ngọc Sơn Pagoda Thap Rau at dusk. The setting sun and trees framing the Tháp Rùa memorial at the south end of the Lake Lanterns in the trees by the lake. New Year celebrations now include the decorating of the trees around the Lake with lanterns Hoàn Kiếm Lake is Hà Nội's heart, and as in any tropical city, this heart starts beating as the sun goes down. The flood lights come on, people start to stroll, and the hubbub of the day dies down. Couple and Thap Rau. The Tháp Rùa memorial provides one of Vietnam's most famous views, and has had its illuminations increased in recent years: to the left 2006, and above (in 2016) a couple sit opposite the monument - he texting, she talking on a phone - neither are 'there' Thap Rau monument. The history of the Tháp Rùa monument Go to another site is not what the Vietnamese would wish. Built ostensibly in memory of Lê Lợi, the fifteenth century hero, it was used for the burial of a French collaborating bureaucrat's father. The name of this official has now slipped from the records - machinations not really a matter for pride Thap Rau and Sharks Jaw. Looking from the south end of the Lake at Tháp Rùa with the Shark's Jaw building
a kilometre away at the far end
The east side of the Lake. To the east, lights installed in the last few years... North edge of the Lake with Sharks Jaw building. ...fringe the Lake, and here they continue to the north Happy New Year in lights. Vietnam is Westernising rapidly. A change shown here by the embracing of the solar 'New Year'. However, Têt, the Lunar New Year festival, remains hugely important and still dominants all other celebrations Shark's Jaw building reflected in calm water. Unruffled water reflects the Shark's Jaw building Tree and people on seat. The specimen trees that line the shores of the lake are floodlit at night Ngoc Son and adverts. The Ngọc Sơn Pagoda with accompanying lights, to left and right, for insurance and phone companies Leaves of plants. At the south end of the Lake a bed of plants with single white leaves seem like lanterns in the dark vegetation Ngoc Son. The Ngọc Sơn Pagoda - advert free Family taking photo. ...not too cool to stop for the family photograph, but cool enough for a dog, down at the left, to have its coat on, and jackets to be handy East side walkway. The path between the Lake and the road is now brightly lit at night, and Hanoians and visitors can stroll, and be seen in the cool of the evening, when temperatures in the winter dip to the mid to low teens, (and in some years down to 8 degrees)... Girl on motorbike. A girl in the crowd signs hello - the Vietnamese for 'two' being 'hai', sounding like the English 'Hi' Crowds celebrating. This seething mass of humanity marked the celebrations for a Vietnamese football victory - the Lake was surrounded by tens of thousands of people and motor bikes The Hoa Phong Tower. The Hoà Phong tower is all that remains of a former pagoda on this lakeside site Entrance gate to The Huc Bridge. A gate stands at the entrance to the bridge that leads to Ngọc Sơn island and its pagoda Last visitors departing. The last visitors are leaving the pagoda and bridge, a slightly creepy hand belongs to the doorman whose shadow can be seen. Beside this entrance sits the Bút Tower. The name 'bút' is often used meaning brush/pen - the shape of the tower top... But Tower. ...This tower in this position, by the entrance, links the solid foundation of the earth on which the building sits, and the eternal truth of the sky above, which we should emulate. These ideas stem from the Daoist roots of the lay-out of the site The Hoc Bridge and Ngoc Son Pagoda. To the left is the Ngọc Sơn Pagoda, and to the right the Thê Húc Bridge The The Hoc Bridge. The Thê Húc Bridge in all its night-time magnificence The next page stays by Hoàn Kiếm Lake, but moves to dawn when many forms of exercise are taken by local people around its periphery. Some are conventional such as badminton, some less so as with this exponent of an eastern art. Walking on railings. line
Saturday 12th August 2017 Murphy on duty

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