(Bougainvilleas and some other...) Flowers of Đà Lạt

Bougainvillea framing a view of the Flower Park. Bougainvillea (Hoa giấy) at the entrance to Đà Lạt's Flower Park Bougainvillea arches over a driveway. Bougainvilleas abound; but they originate from far away South America The climate that Đà Lạt enjoys is not only almost perfect for humans, it exactly meets the demands of so many flowering plants - as they demonstrate at every turn. Here some images hopefully give you an idea of the profusion and abundance you can meet on visiting the area. The photos are from spring and mid-summer. They are not in any way a representative sample; bougainvillea is just too tempting, as is the 'Flower Park' in Đà Lạt City. My friend Duyên helped me with the names, some of which do not have easy English equivalents. Plant with long green leaves. Purple bougainvillias set off by a blue house. Bougainvilleas come as
bushes, vines and trees
The leaves of cây dong cảnh (Latin phrynium parviflorum) used to wrap food in Vietnam (known as lá dong). In front, a salvia. Cây bướm đêm translates
as the 'night moth plant'
Large mound of purple flowers.
The Flower Park entrance. Đà Lạt is in no doubt about the importance it attaches to plants - the local economy is driven by them - so having a park dedicated to flowers is natural Fountain with lamps at the base. Up-lit fountains in the Flower Park Hydrangea in the foreground of park view. Hoa cẩm tú cầu literally 'elegant spheres' in English. Hydrangeas, to us, in our Greek influenced world Large area smothered in yellow and green. Hoa cúc mặt trời literally 'sun daisies' Hydrangea head in foreground, red scenic plants beyond. Hydrangea head set off by the red of hoa xác pháo could be translated as... Bed of red spiked 'scenic plants'. ...cannonball or firecracker tree. English knows it as Salvia splendens Flower Park entrance arch with attndent bougainvillea. Bougainvilleas are inescapable - this one trumpets the park's entrance Stems with large  globular yellow flowers and fields beyond. Hoa bong bóng has no English name, the Vietnamese translates as 'bubble flower', the Latin is Gomphocarpus fruticosus a plant from South Africa and common in New Zealand. Wikipedia warns that it can be poisonous. Landscape of polytunnels and glasshouses stretching to hills. The importance to the area of plants is illustrated by this landscape of glass and polytunnel Fields of cabbages with workers further off. Cabbage patch. Flowering plants catch the eye, however, Đà Lạt is also the South's vegetable garden Pool with fountains, bonsai, dragons and imatiens. Our familiar impatiens, but no frosts here. They appear to be so called (impatiens is the Latin for impatient) as they seem eager to burst open their easily disturbed seed capsules View of Flower Park. A general view of the Flower Park Line of pots of imatiens beside pool and fountains. More impatiens with a dragon-fountain as background Anthurium. Hoa đại hồng môn - anthurium - familiar as pot plants in the west, it too comes from tropical America Orchids. Naturally orchids abound - although not always displayed on trees as they would be naturally Red flower with green leaves. Hoa sao đỏ literally 'Red star flower', kown to us as red passion flower.
Latin Passiflora coccinea
Large bed of blue flowers. Dictionaries render Hoa lưu ly as forget-me-not. So different from our flower, but maybe of the same family Footbridge with imatiens in front of it. Another park, another raft of impatiens Golden trumpet. Cây huỳnh anh - Latin, allamanda cathartica - Golden Trumpet House with massive growth of bougainvillea half engulfing it. Might this inspire a headline such as: Bougainvillea Eats House Pot with flower heads floating in it. Floating display of daisy-like flower heads Tree by road beginning to flower to its summer colour of bright red. Hoa phượng literally translates as 'flamboyant flower' a not unreasonable name for the state these trees can reach. Wikipedia claims it is the official tree of Vietnam, however, this is a claim not endorsed elsewhere. It originated in Madagascar and is known to us in the west as the flame tree or royal poinciana (delonix regia). Whatever its official status, it is said to be special in memory as it blooms at about the time that schools break up for the long summer holiday, and is thus associated in people's minds with the thought of coming leisure Trailers... Jungle road with Jeep parked further down. The next page is about the way nature is being encroached by human activity in southern Vietnam. Large white Buddha appearing over trees. The next page of the Mosaic Section is headed 'Formless in Form'.
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