Visiting Vietnam -
Let a Vietnamese family show you their country

Jade Monkey's Family by Hoan Kiem Lake, Ha Noi
Jade Monkey's Family by Hoan Kiem Lake
Jade Monkey takes visitors to see the beauty of Vietnam and its people. We only take small groups of two to six people and we go to the places, and at the times, our visitors wish, using the vehicle of their choice.

You are on the home page of the Jade Monkey site, it has the four sections as shown above. Click on your choice.

The first part has the 'Costs & Details'.

The second shows some possible itineraries under the heading 'Tours'.

'Pictures' shows something of the sights you may see.

And 'Viet Life' offers short essays which we hope may whet your appetite for travel in the country.


Information pdf

Click here for a single sided A4 - PDF summary of travel & prices information.


May 2016